Why Child Vaccination is Dangerous?

The dangers of vaccines

Death has always been a vaccine complication. These undeniable facts are ignored by mainstream doctors. From the first human vaccines developed two centuries earlier, smallpox and rabies vaccines, death has constantly been a complication of vaccination.

In 1933, the whole cell pertussis vaccine’s ability to kill without caution wased initially reported in the medical literature when two babies died within minutes of a pertussis shot. In 1946, American doctors detailed the unexpected deaths of twins within 24 hours of their 2nd diphtheria-pertussis shot. In 1986, the U.S. Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and has awarded over $2 billion dollars in compensation for deaths and injuries caused by vaccines.

Infant Mortality Rates Higher in Countries with Vaccine

According to the most current National Vital Statistics Report, more than 26,000 American infants born alive in 2009 died before their first birthday, which gives the U.S. a very high baby mortality rate of 6 infant deaths per 1,000 live births. In 1960, America ranked 12th in baby mortality among all countries of the world. In 2005, we had actually fallen to number 30. Today in America, there are more premature babies than ever and more full term babies pass away before their first birthday than in most European nations.The dangers of vaccines

Some individuals say that not every country computes their baby death statistics the same method, which artificially inflates the poor ranking for the U.S. Even if modifications would boost the U.S. ranking up numerous notches, there can be no question that a nation, which invests more per capita on healthcare and legally needs their children to obtain more vaccines than any other country, need to have one of the best– not one of the worst– infant death rates, especially for healthy infants born complete term.

Why Child Vaccination is Dangerous?

Now there is a brand-new research study released in a peer examined medical journal that NVIC has actually assisted to make openly available to everybody, which reveals that developed nations with bad infant death rates, like the United States, have the tendency to give their infants more dosages of vaccines prior to age one.

The study’s authors found “a high statistically considerable correlation between increasing numbers of vaccine doses and increasing infant death rates.” To put this into viewpoint, medical professionals give American infants 26 doses of vaccines prior to age one, which is twice as many vaccinations as babies in Sweden and Japan get.

Is it really just a “coincidence” that the infant mortality rate is two times as high in America compared with Sweden and Japan, where half as many vaccinations are given to extremely young children?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Vaccination

A mother and dad’s worst headache is to enjoy their baby pass away before reaching their first birthday. When a healthy baby passes away unexpectedly soon after routine vaccinations, frequently parents ask genuine concerns about whether the vaccines did it. They are typically consulted with quick denials by physicians and public health officials anxious to safeguard the safety of vaccines.

The death certificates of lots of children, who die soon after vaccination, list Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS as the cause of death, which implies that no particular symptoms or other factor for death might be discovered.Syringe, vaccine and pills

That held true in the 1980s, when I was speaking with parents of babies, who died suddenly after DPT shots, for the 1985 book DPT: A Shot in the Dark, which Dr. Harris Coulter and I composed at a time when SIDS– a freshly created medical term – was ending up being the leading cause of infant death in the United States.

Vaccine Deaths Described in 1985 Book

What I discovered and detailed in our book is that a lot of babies dying after DPT shots were not discovered dead in their baby cribs without any symptoms prior to they passed away. They were passing away after suffering lots of vaccine response symptoms within days of their DPT shot, symptoms like high fever; unexpected collapse; hours of consistent crying or high pitched shrieking with arching of the back that can be a sign of brain inflammation; severe diarrhea; inflammation, swelling and pain at the injection site and signs of seizures that too many pediatricians were blowing off as unimportant.

Other children, who got a number of DPT shots, were described by their moms as suffering a progressive psychological and physical deterioration that worsened after each shot prior to the baby was discovered dead in the baby crib.

Inconvenient Truth: More Full Term Babies Dying in America

Several studies in the 1980s showed an association between crib death and DPT vaccinations.Today, it is thought that hereditary and ecological risk factors integrate to leave SIDS children with signs of petechial hemorrhages, lung blockage and brainstem and neurotransmitter dysfunction.

Most physicians continue to deny that vaccination is a risk aspect for SIDS and state that SIDS has actually declined given that pediatricians released a national campaign in the 1990s to put children on their backs to sleep, however others point out that the only factor SIDS death stats have gone down is because, today, fewer crib death are identified “SIDS” by physicians and coroners.

The inconvenient reality stays that the varieties of pre-term births continues to increase in America and there are more full-term children passing away before their first birthday than in many established nations of the world.

Half of U.S. Children Chronically Ill

Health officials have no explanation for this horrible child death fact. They also have no description for that, today, an approximated 43 to 54 percent of all American children experience a minimum of one chronic illness needing medical  compensation, including a staggering 26 percent of children under age 6 years at high risk for developmental, social or behavioral hold-ups. Federal government officials now admit that, In the previous years, developmental disabilities among American children has increased by a massive 17 percent and is led by a rise in autism and ADHD.

American Children Used To Be Healthier

This is not the method it used to be in America when I was maturing in the 1950s and early 1960s. At that time, women were not getting immunized during pregnancy and there were only a few vaccines provided to children and there were few children experiencing learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, asthma and severe allergic reactions, diabetes, bi-polar disorders and taking a mixed drink of prescription medications. And the United States was ranked number 12 amongst all nations in infant mortality, not near the bottom of the list.Syringe and vaccination

Child Health Report Card: F

This is not an excellent health progress report for a country that, in the last 50 years, has paid tens of trillions of dollars to the pharmaceutical market, public health agencies and pediatricians informing us to trust their guidance about how to keep our children healthy.

Vaccines are Unavoidably Unsafe

Inning accordance with the United States Food and Drug Administration, safety evaluations for vaccines have seldom included toxicity studies because vaccines have not been deemed naturally toxic. Yet vaccines are legally defined as unavoidably risky.

It is not just childhood vaccines that include considerable risk. Influenza vaccines, vaccines for sexually transmitted illness, and others include comparable risks for negative events. Also troubling is that vaccination is advised now for pregnant women, despite the fact that vaccine bundle inserts plainly state they have not been evaluated on pregnant women, so the effects on the fetus cannot be known.

In the 1960s just a handful of childhood vaccines were offered. The existing CDC suggested vaccine schedule for children now has more than 30 vaccines by the time a child turns 6 and an extra potential for approximately 30 more by the time they reach 18. Could this increase be connected to our declining health? For example, currently:

  • one in 6 children in the US has a finding out impairment
  • over 50% suffer from some type of chronic disease
  • cancer is the leading cause of death in our children
  • autism rates have skyrocketed from 1 in 10,000 in 1990 to 1 in 68 today.

Considering that hereditary anomalies change slowly over generations, we should want to ecological causes for these changes. While other ecological contaminants definitely are at play in these stats, ignoring the prospective function to the amounts of toxin injected into children through vaccines is not just bad public law, it is bad science. By disregarding the function of vaccines in our data for baby death and chronic illness, we might be doing more damage than excellent in mandating, or perhaps advising, them.

Vaccine Adverse Effects: Known Risks

The list of adverse side effects for vaccines is long and troubling. A fast scan of the Vaccine Injury Table kept by the Health Resource Center for the United States Department of Health and Human Services exposes that settlement for injury is possible from a range of the most typical vaccines provided to children.

Negative occasions are the factor the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has actually paid out over 3 billion dollars from 1988– 2016 despite the truth that just 1 in 5 claims gets any settlement at all. Research studies expose that a small fraction of those injured by vaccines ever file any claim at all given that most physicians turn down the idea that a problem was caused by a vaccine in spite of the truth that such problems are listed on the producers item insert.

Parents Reported Vaccine Infant Deaths to CDC

Exactly 25 years earlier, in May 1986, I accompanied moms and daddies, whose babies passed away after DPT shots, and offered a discussion to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. We informed doctor members of the CDC’s vaccine policymaking committee, who desired state lawmakers to strictly enforce laws lawfully needing children to get 23 dosages of 7 vaccines beginning at two months through age 6, that physicians did not actually know how many children were passing away after vaccination.

You can read the transcript of that 1986 CDC conference on NVIC’s website and decide for yourself whether anything has actually really changed in 25 years except that, now, public health officials are ordering physicians to give children 48 dosages of 14 vaccines starting on day of birth through age six, with half of those dosages given before age one.

On NVIC’s website at NVIC.org, you can likewise check out  or publish a description of a vaccine-related death; you can research and check out descriptions of deaths following vaccination made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System; and you can learn more about vaccine reactions so, if your pediatrician does not educate you, you will be armed with that life saving information.

Good luck! Have a nice weekend.


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  1. Jan Abel

    I was born in 1951 and immunised at 3 months and immediately developed severe excema which has lasted all my life and not hereditory. The consultant at a London hospital at the time said I should never receive further immunisation or injections against flu, TB, BCG vaccination etc. I am unable to control infections and need a strong dose of penicillin or antibiotics after a severe kidney infection four years ago, which has concerned my GP. An immune system compromised by the use of childhood vaccination? I will never know. Thank you for your article doctors have always dismissed my allegations and I am glad this has been looked into.