Too Much Saliva When Sick

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Saliva plays a crucial role in our body. It helps to improve the taste of food, food digestion and keeps the mouth clean and fresh. It also keeps the teeth strong and healthy besides lubing the mouth and functions as a defense versus bacteria.

Extreme saliva is not uncommon and it is not a serious concern except for the inconvenience and humiliation it produces for a person while speaking in front of others.

Ptyalism is a medical term used for excess production of saliva. Normally 1 to 1 1/2 liter of saliva is produced daily however we do not understand it as we manage to gulp major quantity of it into the stomach.

Nevertheless, there are lots of who are not able to swallow saliva and as a result it dribbles or drools out from the mouth.

Lots of people think about excess salivary secretion as a disease, but in fact it is among the symptoms of a hidden health condition. Often it is just a physiological finding as seen during pregnancy.

Excess saliva therefore needs to not be ignored and patient must consult his doctor or dental professional to spot the underlying medical sickness which sets off excess of saliva.

Producing Too Much Saliva When Sick

What causes excess saliva when sick? There could be many causes for the secretion of excess saliva when sick. However extreme saliva is mainly a result of increased secretion of the salivary gland or an increased ability to swallow saliva during disease.

Female mouth and macaroonThere are numerous reasons for excess saliva when a child or an adult falls ill. Essentially there are two main factors for excess saliva; increased secretion from the salivary gland or failure to swallow during sickness. Below are offered a few of underlying illness triggering excess of saliva and drooling.

  1. Arsenic and mercury poisoning.
  2. Parkinson’s disease is a neurological condition where the brain cells pass away slowly. Patient often loses his senses and as a result he might not gulp saliva gathered in his mouth. It might dribble out through the mouth.
  3. Acidity and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD): GERD or water bold is among the most primary causes of extreme saliva when ill and may be seen more in the early morning. In this the acidic contents in the stomach might reach up to the throat and cause irritation. The individual might feel sore in the throat with bitter taste in the mouth and a feeling of queasiness and vomiting.
  4. Bell’s palsy: Increased saliva can take place in Bell’s palsy since of weakness in muscles of one side of mouth. Saliva drools out from the affected side.
  5. Apthous ulcers in mouth.
  6. Medications: Some medicines can be among the causes of excess saliva when sick, as a side effect of the medicines. These medications include potassium chlorate, pilocarpine, ketamine, clozapine, rabeprazole, risperidone, to name a few of them.
  7. Increased Consumption of Simple Sugars: It is another essential cause of extreme saliva as the digestive glands produce more saliva to digest easy sugars.
  8. Inflammation in gum and jaw.
  9. Medical conditions and infections like oral infections, mouth ulcers, pancreatitis, rabies, liver disorders and serotonin syndrome too can cause excess saliva when sick.
  10. Teeth and jaw conditions.
  11. A stone in the duct of salivary gland.
  12. Intestinal reflux.
  13. Queasiness and vomiting.
  14. Anxiety and excitement.
  15. Liver illness.
  16. Tonsillitis.
  17. Mumps.
  18. Cold and flu.
  19. Sore throat.

Increased saliva prevails during pregnancy. It is caused due to hormone changes that happen in a pregnant woman. The problem is temporary and seldom a cause of issue. New dentures are also responsible for excess saliva production.

Cloves. This is a reliable natural home remedy, which helps to decrease the secretion of severe saliva. It is also an anti-bacterial and helps to protect good oral health and prevent or treat oral infections.

Symptoms of Excessive Saliva Production

The symptom of extreme salivation may also be noted in some other conditions, which can be among the causes of excess saliva when ill. These include

  • sore throat cold and flu, mumps and tonsillitis
  • particular teeth and jaw conditions
  • mouth ulcers
  • intestinal reflux, feeling of queasiness and vomiting and liver diseases
  • a noticeable stone in the duct of the salivary gland
  • feeling of anxiety and enjoyment
  • arsenic and mercury poisoning.

How To Stop Excess Saliva When Sick?

The treatment of extreme saliva depends on particular contributing aspects and the underlying causes. To stop excess saliva when ill, it is necessary to treat the causes and treat the hidden conditions.

If excess saliva is a result of specific medications, the doctor would encourage stopping or changing those. There also are treatment choices for excess saliva and the medications need to be used inning accordance with the medical recommendations.

Although saliva in excess may not be a serious issue for a specific, it may end up being a cause of shame for him. With accumulated saliva in mouth, he may discover tough to speak in public. The first step in eliminating this irritating symptom is to search for the underlying cause.

Excess saliva does not remain for a long period of time in certain diseases such as mumps, Bell’s palsy, tonsillitis, sore throat, apthous ulcers and so on. Once the condition is treated secretion reduces.

However in certain disorders such as stroke and Parkinson’s disease patient might need medications to manage increased salivary production. In case of dental conditions, attending to the problem will ultimately suppress excess of salivation.

Eating specific foods is a sure method to remove excess saliva. Eat crackers, toast, dry cereals and salted sunflower seeds often to curb increased saliva. Also prevent eating spicy and sweet food as they are understood to increase the secretion of saliva.

Home Remedies to Stop Excessive Saliva

Excess saliva can also be stopped using home remedies, if the cause of excess salivation is not serious and does not need other treatment. A few of the natural home remedy reliable in excess saliva include

Cloves. This is a reliable natural home remedy, which helps to minimize the secretion of extreme saliva. It is also an antibacterial and helps to preserve good oral hygiene and avoid or treat oral infections.

Amla Powder. It is really beneficial and effective in lessening extreme salivation. It helps to manage water brash and sour taste in the mouth. It is also effective in healing the symptoms of acidity, GERD and ulcer. Use the powder by mixing in warm water after meal and it will absolutely be effective in decreasing the excess saliva when sick.

Cinnamon Tea. It is thought about among the purest and efficient types of natural remedy to stop excess saliva when sick. Cinnamon tea is prepared, strained and two teaspoons of honey are added to it while it is still warm.

Health Tips

Saliva carries out numerous functions right from improving taste to helping food digestion of food. It likewise serves as a lubricant and helps to keep healthy teeth and mouth.

Excessive saliva during a disease might be common and need not be thought about a really serious problem. Nevertheless, you might question as to what causes excess saliva when ill? It is important to look into the causes of excess salivation during illness and also the methods to treat it or how to stop it.

Excessive salivation is clinically called as sialorrhea or ptyalism. While this might be increased production of saliva, it can also occur when some people are unable to swallow the saliva produced normally and ultimately it drools out from the ambit of the mouth.

Excessive saliva when sick or failure to swallow saliva might be due to specific hidden conditions, which need to be assessed. When the cause of excess salivation is understood, question of how to stop it can be handled.

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