Hepatitis C in Children


Liver disease C infection (HCV) is a chronic viral infection of the liver that affects upwards of 1-2 percent of adults. Thankfully, in children and adolescents, liver disease C is less common, but it stays a significant health concern. In this post I will resolve the most typical concerns about liver disease C in children […]

Home Remedies for Low Urine Flow

Two jars of urine

During typical urination, the urine streams smoothly and with force as a result of relaxed urinary passage. Slow urine flow or incorrect stream of urine flow is said to happen when the stream of urine reduces or when there is interruption in the totally free circulation of urine. You might stumble upon lots of people […]

Hepatitis C Mother to Baby

Baby's feet

Many women conceive during the years in between 20 and 40, which is also the age group in which the occurrence of hepatitis C infection is increasing most quickly. Any woman with risk factors for liver disease C (such as exposure to transfusions, contaminated needles, or injected substance abuse) should be screened for liver disease […]

Daclatasvir Sofosbuvir

Daclatasvir Sofosbuvir

The treatment of liver disease C infection has altered significantly with the rapid advent of various new antiviral representatives, including direct-acting antivirals and representatives with non-viral targets (cyclophilin inhibitors, interferon-lambda, vaccine therapy).

Hepatitis C and Liver Cancer

Hepatitis C and liver cancer

If you simply learned you have hepatitis C, your doctor might have informed you that it’s connected to liver cancer. It’s natural to feel worried and have great deals of concerns. You can alleviate your issues. Get the facts and learn how some changes in your life can enhance your chances of remaining healthy. 

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